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Lela Rose - Spring 2015


We hope you’ll join us for the spring 2015 trunk show next week at our Lela Rose boutique: next Tuesday-Thursday.  We are looking forward to shopping the newest seasonal designs and the latest arrivals in-store.  Spring is a mix of beautiful blue and white prints, gorgeous florals, and the perfect ball skirts.  Mark your calendars and be sure you don’t miss shopping this exquisite trunk show at Highland Park Village.

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Lela Rose and Jewels by Alan Anderson

Please join Couture Costume Jewelry Designer Alan Anderson for shopping & accessorizing at Lela Rose Highland Park Village. Shop the latest Lela Rose Holiday collection & one-of-a-kind statement pieces.  This is an exclusive holiday collection for Lela Rose.  You don’t want to miss shopping these exquisite designs from 10:00am to 6:00pm this Thursday-Saturday.
Lela Rose
69 Highland Park Village
Dallas, Texas
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Lela Rose Dallas and Suzanne Couture Millinery

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We hope you can join us for a special preview event at Lela Rose this week.  Come see custom hats by Suzanne Couture Millinery.  Hats will be available to purchase or custom order.  Join the boutique for the Preview Party on Tuesday, March 11th from 12pm-6pm.  Please R.S.V.P. to lelarosedallas@lelarose.com.



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On the Runway: Lela Rose - Fall 2014

L Rose Dallas


Lela Rose - fall 2014

We’re excited to share beautiful footage of the Lela Rose fall 2014 fashion show.  According to Glam.com, Rose’s latest collection is made up of culinary inspiration. “Drawn into the world of chef and artist Ferran Adria (of El Bulli restaurant), Lela Rose Fall 2014 enters around the geometry of natural beauty and the magical adventure that a meal can be.”  This collection was ladylike and feminine - yet fun and flirty.  Watch our exclusive video footage here >

lela 14 from Highland Park Village on Vimeo.


lela 14 fall


lela 14 fall show

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Cocktails and Clothing Honoring the 2014 Dallas Symphony Debutantes

image001 (1)


Lela Rose and Michelle Nussbaumer invite you to enjoy an upcoming event at Lela Rose honoring the 2014 Symphony Debutantes. The invitation is extended to all patrons of the Dallas Symphony, past debutantes and their families, as well as members of the community to come and support the February 5th event as the Dallas Symphony is honored with 10% of the evening’s proceeds. ”I am so excited the team at Lela Rose approached me about hosting an event in honor of the 2014 Symphony Debutantes,” said Michelle Nussbaumer,  ”It is such a special time for my family being that both my daughter, Anais, is a Debutante and my son Axel, is in the Honor Guard this year.  With Lela being a past Deb, this event is the perfect celebration of design and honoring the Symphony and all current and past Debutantes!”

R.S.V.P. by February 3, 2014 to lelarosedallas@lelarose.com

lela rose deb


Lela Rose in the middle of her Texas Dip (which she can still do today!) as a past Dallas Symphony Debutante





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Style Card: Laura Ginsburg of Lela Rose

lela rose 1

Laura Ginsburg, Lela Rose manager

We were so thrilled to catch up with Laura Ginsburg this week on Style & Social for our Style Card feature! Laura is the stylish manager of Lela Rose (+ a bride-to-be) and we couldn’t be more excited for her to share some of her favorite things about Dallas, current must-haves at Lela Rose, and what she’s wearing this summer.


Style & Social: What is your absolute favorite thing about living in Dallas?

Laura: In one word…everything! After being gone for almost ten years and returning home I have such a long list of reasons why I love our beautiful city. But my absolute favorite things about Dallas are: the people; being home with my family has been such a gift and the citizens of our city in general are just the best people you will find out there! I absolutely adore the sense of community that we all share.


Style & Social: What do you love most about the Lela Rose style aesthetic?

Laura: First of all there isn’t a thing I dislike about the Lela Rose look which should be no surprise to our customers and my friends. I love that I always feel confident in her clothing due to the perfect balance of femininity and thoughtful details. It is also amazing to me the amount of attention and compliments I receive on the clothing from men.

My fiancé in particular loves my Lela pieces starting with an African Violet dress I wore on our first date. I find that her clothing isn’t too fussy and easy to wear. I have also become a big quality snob due to the construction and finish of Lela’s clothing, which is made on American soil! Additionally, I love that Lela is so inspired by art. I was an art history major in college and have always viewed Lela as a fabulous artist in her own right. Her clothing tells so many stories and the collection is always broad enough to find an outfit for any occasion.


Style & Social: What are some of your favorite pieces from Lela Rose for spring and summer?

Laura: The Spring 2013 collection is full of color, bright and happy. So picking favorites is a difficult task. I think that everyone needs several pairs of our Skinny Everyday Pants. They are so comfortable that I have pretty much tossed jeans out of my wardrobe.

We have a ton of great shapes for the season, but one of my favorites in a Navy/Ivory Rose Drawn Jacquard Sheath Dress. Although it is curve hugging it is also the perfect dress to put on after indulging a bit too much at Mi Cocina. I swear I feel sizes smaller in it!



lela rose 2


Style & Social: What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Laura: Our Zip Front Dresses in our Abstract Landscape Print which is full of color and the same dress in our Pebble Stretch Cotton. They are easy pieces to pack for trips and as they are made out of beautiful cotton. They are extremely effortless to put on and have so much style and personality!


Style & Social: Any special travel plans you’d like to share?

Laura: Well, I am currently writing from gorgeous Santa Fe. But I am most looking forward to my upcoming Honeymoon in Argentina. I am not great at the sit still beach vacation, so I was thrilled that my fiancé also wanted to have an active trip. We will be visiting the wine region (hopefully getting some tips from our friends at Molto Formaggio), seeing glaciers and covering as much territory as possible over our 15 days there.


Style & Social: What are your favorite brunch spots in Dallas?  Places for cocktails?

Laura: Brunching was a sport for me when I lived in Washington, DC. I have yet to master brunching in Dallas. I often find Breadwinner’s to be very rewarding and love a great brunch at Nick and Sams. As for cocktails…we love our Mambo Taxi’s at the Monkey Bar (upstairs bar at Mi Cocina). I also enjoy being able to crawl upstairs after a long day to enjoy a cocktail at 31. My other go to place for cocktails is the Mansion Bar. It has long been one of my favorites as I love the masculine interior, creative cocktails and the music.


Style & Social: What are you looking forward to most in 2013?

Laura: I would definitely say that I am looking forward to being a wife and to continue growing as an individual. I have some great projects coming up this year so I am excited to see where it all takes me.


Style & Social: What are your favorite books, magazines, and blogs?

Laura: I tend to snuggle up with one of the classics opposed to the New York Times Best Seller’s List or Oprah’s selections. Hemingway in particular always does the trick for me. I am learning to catch up on social media and the blogosphere.  Nonsense & Sensibility is a great blog. I have also enjoyed the work done by Dallas girls like Krystal Schlegel and Bradley Agather!


lela rose 3 lela rose 4


Style & Social: Who are your own style inspirations?

Laura: I certainly appreciate a classic and very feminine aesthetic and die over a great dress which is why my closet is full of them. I would obviously be remiss if I didn’t name the wonderful Lela Rose as a personal style icon as I have a whole section of my closet (about 50% of it) dedicated just to Lela’s clothing — y’all should come take a picture some day.

However, I really don’t attempt to emulate anyone in particular as fashion has always been a statement of individuality for me. I would say for the most part I know what I like instantly and dictate what I wear based on what I am attracted to versus what is the hottest trend.


Style & Social: What’s your favorite scent or fragrance?

Laura: I have worn Creed Spring Flower for as long as I can remember.


Style & Social: What’s your favorite type of floral arrangement?

Laura: Mixing and matching textures is always important to me. Succulents have been rather popular lately and I love them as they are low maintenance and can add a lot of personality to a room. I also adore blooming branches mixed with fluffy flowers like hydrangeas.


Style & Social: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! What have you enjoyed most about wedding planning?

Laura: Like all girls, my dress was a very special moment. My wonderful stepmom and maid of honor went with me to Lela’s studio to work on my dress. When we found the dress it was a moment for everyone! Goosebumps and all. But beyond the dress it has been fun to have an abundance of family time as we plan everything out. The groom and my father have been particularly involved which I know isn’t typical but I have enjoyed their thoughtful inclusions.



lela rose 5


Shop more from Lela Rose here.

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The Hair Bar and Lela Rose Event Recap


We hope you didn’t miss The Hair Bar event last Thursday at Lela Rose! We had so much fun learning about new spring beauty tips for both hair and makeup. Guests sipped champagne and enjoyed light bites while perusing new favorite beauty products (the dry shampoo is a must-try) and trying on some of spring’s hottest hues. We’ll definitely be paying a visit to The Hair Bar before our next big soiree!


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Lela Rose and The Hair Bar

Don’t miss this special event tomorrow at our Lela Rose boutique with The Hair Bar from 11am-5pm! Enjoy spring makeup tips and styling tricks and shop the newest pieces from Lela Rose.  You’re certain to be set for your next spring soiree with a fresh new look and ideas when it comes to makeup and beauty after this fashion refresher.

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Lela Rose Loves Color And The Extraordinary

a look towards spring - we can’t wait to shop the Lela Rose spring 2013 collection at our Highland Park Village boutique!

We loved catching up with fashion designer Lela Rose to get the scoop on the holiday season (a la Lela)!  What’s better than starting off 2013 with a stylish catchup with one of our favorite designers?  Not much - besides gazing at her spring 2013 collection!  What was she wearing this holiday season?

S&S: What are you favorite items to wear to holiday cocktail parties?

Lela Rose: I always wear white and silver. I also like white and gold and I love to wear ivory with gold. People wear way too many black clothing items. I love to standout.

S&S: What gifts do you like to give?

Lela Rose: Jams or Jalapeno Chutney. I also enjoy making napkins out of fabrics I have found.

S&S: Describe the holiday season style and aesthetic of Lela Rose?

Lela Rose: Very classic. Fabulous fabrics. Very sophisticated, but young. Shapes are very flattering, but understand the shapes. Great colors and textures.

S&S: Finish this sentence: “When in doubt…”

Lela Rose: Wear color!

S&S: What is your favorite thing about the holidays?

Lela Rose: I love being with my family and of course all the food. I also love Highland Park Village during the holidays. I enjoy outdoor shopping malls and it seems there are not enough anymore. Highland Park Village is the perfect place!

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Lela Rose Pre-Fall 2013

Heightening our Lela Rose obsession is the pre-fall 2013 collection.  We loved viewing these images in rich mustard hues, cobalt blues, and charcoals - in the most beautiful and artistically inspired prints. There’s a gorgeous mix of color play that comprises the unique array of graphics in this collection.

Lela Rose pre-fall 2013 was inspired by the Abstract expressionist artist Clyfford Still.  His use of jagged edges and large expanses of color inspired many of the prints and fabrics, as well as the dripped paint embroideries.  We can’t wait to shop these styles in our boutique.

Untitled, 1960, oil on canvas, Clyfford Still, San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

via examiner.com

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