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Volumes of Style to Enjoy at Frederic Fekkai

We love Frédéric Fekkai at Highland Park Village!  On our recent visit, we spotted fashion blogger Krystal Schlegel who kindly allowed us to snap a few pictures of her during her appointment.

Enjoy the Q&A with the salon team!
S&S: What makes Fekkai standout from other salons in your opinion?

Fekkai:  Fekkai is about effortless style, incredible luxury and a strong focus on the individual client. We want to create something for you that fits into your life, your schedule, your style. When you are in the chair at Fekkai, we want to listen to you, take care of you and make it all about you. There is no greater luxury.

S&S: What are some of the top hair trends and styles you are looking forward to most for spring?

Fekkai: There were a lot of sleek looks on the spring runways that were clean and modern; we saw that having sleek hair doesn’t mean you need to have flat hair. The sleek look can have a bit of volume, lots of shine and fluid movement.

S&S:  What are some of the biggest mistakes people make when it comes to styling their hair?

Fekkai: Many people don’t know which styling products to use or that they should be using certain products! For example, if you frequently use heat stylers, apply a heat protectant spray beforehand to prevent as much damage as possible and hairspray should be the last product you use to keep the style in place.

S&S: What are some quick, easy fixes you’d suggest to update one’s look for the new season?

Fekkai: Healthy hair is always on trend, in season and greatly desired. Apply a deep conditioning treatment once a week to repair any damage and to hydrate strands.

S&S: In three words, how would you describe the Fekkai salon experience?

Fekkai:  Luxurious, Intimate, Blissful

S&S:  What do you like best about your Dallas Fekkai salon? Why is Highland Park Village a perfect fit?

Fekkai: The Dallas Fekkai salon’s location is an oasis of relaxation. Step in, sit back and settle in for the best salon experience in Dallas. Highland Park Village is a perfect fit because it is the center of elegance and we call Diane Von Furstenburg and Carolina Herrera neighbors.

S&S:  What make Fekkai products so effective?
Fekkai: Frédéric’s passion for hair and decades of experience go into each product.  They are designed to be effective solutions for individual concerns.

S&S: Any exciting new products, services, or plans for the New Year you can share with us?

Fekkai: The Fekkai salons are always introducing new and special services, stop by and indulge in one!


Visit: Frederic Fekkai, Highland Park Village, 30 Highland Park Village  Dallas, TX 75205

To book your appointment call: (214) 219-3600


Krystal Schlegel with stylist Pam Vasko

fashion blogger Krystal Schlegel

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Holiday Style Blogger Party Recap - Part Two

Holiday Style Bloggers 2012 from left: Kristie Ramirez, Elizabeth Midgett, Bradley Agather, Kyle Knight, Merritt Beck, & Krystal Schlegel

After strolling around Highland Park Village and stopping by some of their favorite stores like Escada, Lela Rose, Robert Talbott, Anne Fontaine, DVF, and Trina Turk, our Holiday Style Bloggers returned to The Community Lounge at Highland Park Village for a cocktail reception.  Guests enjoyed bubbly and bites catered by Cafe Pacific.  It was certainly a night to remember and the perfect toast to celebrate the busy holiday shopping season to come and all of the exciting happenings at Highland Park Village in 2013!

Highland Park Village Senior Marketing Manager Rachel Michell with Highland Park Village Chief Marketing Officer Kersten Rettig

Cafe Pacific’s chef Chad Kelley with Highland Park Village President/Managing Director Ray Washburne

D Shop Talk

Jennifer Buxton

Merritt Beck, Amber Venz, and Kristie Ramirez

bites from Cafe Pacific

Kersten Rettig

DFW Style Daily

Rachel and John Michell

Style bloggers getting the latest scoop on happenings at the Village from Highland Park Village Leasing/Managing Director Stephen Summers

Elisa Summers chatting with the style bloggers

Raya Ramsey

Jennifer Buxton and Haley Schultheis

Elizabeth Midgett, Kyle Knight, Rachel Watkins (Dallas Morning News), Christina Geyer (FD Luxe), and Bradley Agather

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Holiday Style Blogger Party Recap- Part One

Holiday Style Bloggers at Highland Park Village

THE STROLL: We are so excited to share these images from our Holiday Style Blogger Party event at Highland Park Village.  We hope you love the photos of our style bloggers checking out some of their favorite stores around the Village as much as we do!  The stroll ended with a private blogger cocktail reception at Cafe Pacific!

Clock Tower photo credit: haley schultheis

Krystal Schlegel

Lela Rose

collars at Anne Fontaine

Bradley Agather and Krystal Schlegel

bloggers at DVF

Merritt Beck

Amber Venz

Elizabeth Midgett

SHOES- love.

Bradley Agather being photographed by Kyle Knight

Number One/Le Jus

Number One/Le Jus’ Dana Card

Bradley Agather

Gingerbread House at Escada

Elizabeth Midgett’s fabulous earrings

Blogger Reception at Cafe Pacific

Blogger Reception at Cafe Pacific

Blogger Reception at Cafe Pacific



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