Spring for the Baby



Hadleigh’s Baby Slippers / Stella McCartney Bunny Body / Hermès Hermy Cravache / Hermès Avalon

If you are looking for a special gift for your little one or for a friend or family member with a baby on the way, we have a few items that our on our wish list this spring.  From Hadleigh’s, shop their signature H Slippers in a baby-friendly size, but in the same multitude of color options.  As for Easter attire, we love the Stella McCartney Bunny Body.  Stella McCartney has the perfect mix of overalls, shorts, dresses, and more.  For the adventurous little one, wrap them up poolside with a towel from Hermès or send them to bed with a beautiful toy horse.

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Hadleigh’s Spring 2014



Today, we wanted to share a beautiful spring 2014 update from one of our favorite stores - Hadleigh’s.  Hadleigh’s is a must-visit on your trip to Highland Park Village.  Their bold colors in classic floral prints, stripes, and gingham patterns are musts when it comes to your spring shopping list.  We love the new selection of slippers for spring and the bold color palette of ruffled shirts. Shop a stunning assortment of heels and clothing for the little ones and men as well.

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Hadleigh’s Baby

1. hadleighs


Have you stopped by our new Hadleigh’s Baby boutique at Highland Park Village?  Our new store shares the same signature Hadleigh’s aesthetic for your little ones.  From slippers, to toys, accessories, dresses, and more, Hadleigh’s Baby has the perfect items for the holidays - for gatherings and wish lists!  We love the holiday prints.  What do you think of this new store?


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Hadleigh’s New Slippers

hadleigh's 2


We’re smitten with spring slippers at Hadleigh’s! Shop an array of bright colors and spring fabrics that are certainly summer-ready!  Fall in love with bright orange hues, blue, gingham, and polka dot prints.  We can’t get enough of the brand’s signature shoe style.  The hardest decision will assuredly be choosing one pair!

Shop Hadleigh’s slippers here. 

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A Peek Inside La Veranda at Hadleigh’s

Gable and Ed Shaikh of Hadleigh’s

We were so excited to catch up with Gable and Ed Shaikh of Hadleigh’s about their newest addition to the Hadleigh’s lifestyle - La Veranda at Highland Park Village.

S&S: What inspired the new space?

Hadleigh’s: It’s called La Veranda at Hadleigh’s. It’s a minimal, modern, elegant space that defines style and artisanal inspiration.

S&S: How is it different from your previous storefront and office? What do you believe it adds or extends to the brand?

Hadleigh’s: This is a Glass Window which an extension to our atelier, allows us to show a Master Tailor (Maestro in a blue lab coat) working and showing an artist detailing a garment. Its shows the sartorial inspiration for the current collection and shows the collection as displayed. 

S&S: How do you see the space being used - how will it be used for your clients?

Hadleigh’s: The clients walk through and see the collection; which inspires them to shop easily.  Also, it’s a display window of all items bespoke and ready to wear from downstairs.

S&S: What’s a typical day like for the both of you?

Hadleigh’s: Our day normally starts at 5:00 am communicating with our Italian office, we take the girls to school. We are usually at the shop by 8:30am. We love to spend time in the shop downstairs changing mannequins and talking about the exciting new clients that came in the day before. Depending on the day and appointments, normally we have inspirational meeting with the staff. Gable and I work together on designing new product and going through new fabrics that have arrived.

We eat lunch together most everyday, usually at Mi Cocina.

I usually spend the rest of the day assisting clients with their H-man wardrobe. Gable spends time at her office off site making sure the shipments have arrived and developing new ideas for the meetings ahead.

S&S: What’s new for Hadleigh’s spring?

Hadleigh’s: A ton of color for both H-Girl and H-Man.  You don’t want to miss: double face cotton bright color jackets and the H-Belt as an accessory.

S&S: What inspired the spring collection?

Hadleigh’s: It’s a specific Hadleigh’s client lifestyle collection and more fun than last season with more accessories.

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