Fall 2013 Coat Favorites


Gilet Wool Flannel Stripe - Arkis

According to September Vogue, the coat is the new handbag of fall fashion.  So, while the selection is ripe, pick the perfect outerwear for the new season. We’re inspired by the unique color block style of fall 2013 jackets from AKRIS and VINCE.  Or, if you prefer one bold statement, the high collar red coat from Dior is a must-have. The leather Turner coat from Rag & Bone in Mineral Green will add the perfect bit modern flair and zen to your autumn wardrobe (it’s edgy and sophisticated).  Or, if pure simplicity is your staple style: the Alison Coat from Stella McCartney is a forever piece.


The Color Block Coat from VINCE


Dior- fall 2013


Turner Coat - rag & bone



Alison Coat-  Stella McCartney

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Color Studies: Black and White

black and white

From top left:  Rag & Bone Nola Dress, Stella McCartney Wilson Shirt,SCOOP NYC Leather Shorts, AKRIS handbag, Chanel Shoes

Black and white is the most classic combination we can think of, but we never tire of seeing the two paired together. After a summer of candy colors and bold patterns, we are more than ready to introduce some black and white pieces back into our wardrobe.

Whether it’s to the office, Saturday brunch, or dinner with your significant other, this combination can add something extra to even the simplest of outfits. Here are a few items that will keep you chic and fashionable as the weather cools down.

Do you have any black and white items are on your fall wish list?

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Look for Thrills Without the Frills from Thursday Styles


Fashion designer Jil Sander told The New York Times  she prefers the word purity to minimalism when describing the consumer trend of moving away from often over-the-top garment details in fashion.  “Consumers are getting sophisticated enough to understand pure design,” fashion trend forecaster Sharon Graubard told the Times, “They don’t need junk on their clothes to feel like they’re getting bang for their buck.”

So, say goodbye to ruffles, fringe, gems, and gold?  Is polished the new glam? After seasons of lavish embellishments, it seems consumers will lean towards more tailored, well-cut, and streamlined looks in the coming seasons.

To jump on board, checkout spring 2013 looks from Akris, Stella McCartney, and Rag & Bone at Highland Park Village.  All of these pieces focus on beautiful cuts and tailoring and are still quite striking.

Read “Designers Look for Thrills Without the Frills” By Ruth La Ferla

from left: Rag & Bone Jefferson Blazer, Stella McCartney Mix Cady Collins Dress, Akris spring/summer 2013

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