Don’t Miss the “Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier” Exhibit at Highland Park Village


Have you had a chance to check out the new “Dior Couture Patrick Dermarchelier” exhibit at Highland Park Village?  In celebration of the opening of our new Dior boutique, this exhibit is stationed in Dallas for a limited time.  The special photographs by French fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier explore the six emblematic themes of Dior Couture.  Beautiful garments from the Dior Couture Collection are also a part of the exhibit.  “Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier”  is on display through April 19th, 2013 at Highland Park Village.


Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier

Temporary Art Gallery Space

50 Highland Park Village

Highland Park, TX 7520


Exhibition Hours:

11:00am-6:00pm  Monday-Sunday

photography by Bruno

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Chanel Beauty Spring 2013

Poudre Signée de Chanel - Illuminating Powder

The Chanel Beauty collection for spring 2013 is filled with beautiful pinks and precious plums.  These colors awaken the rosy allure of spring.  This fresh seasonal palette was inspired by Gabrielle Chanel’s codes for simplicity and sophistication - spring blooms & love.  Shop the full makeup collection here or visit our Chanel boutique at Highland Park Village.

Joues Contraste Powder Blush

Les 4 Ombres - Quadra Eye Shadow- 39-Raffinement

Les Vernis Nail Color in - Emprise, Accessoire, Fracas

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A Peek Inside La Veranda at Hadleigh’s

Gable and Ed Shaikh of Hadleigh’s

We were so excited to catch up with Gable and Ed Shaikh of Hadleigh’s about their newest addition to the Hadleigh’s lifestyle - La Veranda at Highland Park Village.

S&S: What inspired the new space?

Hadleigh’s: It’s called La Veranda at Hadleigh’s. It’s a minimal, modern, elegant space that defines style and artisanal inspiration.

S&S: How is it different from your previous storefront and office? What do you believe it adds or extends to the brand?

Hadleigh’s: This is a Glass Window which an extension to our atelier, allows us to show a Master Tailor (Maestro in a blue lab coat) working and showing an artist detailing a garment. Its shows the sartorial inspiration for the current collection and shows the collection as displayed. 

S&S: How do you see the space being used - how will it be used for your clients?

Hadleigh’s: The clients walk through and see the collection; which inspires them to shop easily.  Also, it’s a display window of all items bespoke and ready to wear from downstairs.

S&S: What’s a typical day like for the both of you?

Hadleigh’s: Our day normally starts at 5:00 am communicating with our Italian office, we take the girls to school. We are usually at the shop by 8:30am. We love to spend time in the shop downstairs changing mannequins and talking about the exciting new clients that came in the day before. Depending on the day and appointments, normally we have inspirational meeting with the staff. Gable and I work together on designing new product and going through new fabrics that have arrived.

We eat lunch together most everyday, usually at Mi Cocina.

I usually spend the rest of the day assisting clients with their H-man wardrobe. Gable spends time at her office off site making sure the shipments have arrived and developing new ideas for the meetings ahead.

S&S: What’s new for Hadleigh’s spring?

Hadleigh’s: A ton of color for both H-Girl and H-Man.  You don’t want to miss: double face cotton bright color jackets and the H-Belt as an accessory.

S&S: What inspired the spring collection?

Hadleigh’s: It’s a specific Hadleigh’s client lifestyle collection and more fun than last season with more accessories.

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Number One At Highland Park Village Included in Vogue’s Spring Break List


Dallas was listed as one of Vogue’s spring break destinations this year for city slickers.  We may be biased, but we could agree more that “Dallas is the Lone Star state’s best-kept secret.”  Even better?  They featured one of our favorite spots: Number One at Highland Park Village!  Be sure to check out the full list here. 


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Dior Opens New Boutique and Exhibition with Patrick Demarchelier in Dallas

“I create so that each and every woman is the most beautiful.”  - Christian Dior

On March 23rd, the Christian Dior boutique will open at Highland Park Village in Dallas. The new boutique offers a sophisticated shopping environment and combines 18th century detail with modern elements to create an aesthetic that reflects the traditional yet modern elegance of the house of Dior.  

To celebrate the Dallas opening, Dior has partnered with French fashion photographer, Patrick Demarchelier, to create an exhibition titled: Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier. “A fashion photographer’s job is to create dreams, but Dior Haute Couture is already a dream,” said photographer Patrick Demarchelier. The photographs in the exhibition were taken over a two-year period and pay tribute to the collections of the House of Dior from 1947 to present day.

The world of Dior Haute Couture is highlighted by six emblematic themes: the Dior Line, the Dior Garden, the Dior Ateliers, the 18th Century, From Pink to Red, and the Dior Ball. “Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier” focuses on these themes of the house and highlights a dress within each.

  To learn more about Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier please visit the exhibition at the temporary art gallery in the Highland Park Village from March 22nd-April 19th.


Dior Dallas

12 Highland Park Village, Bldg B suite 12
Highland Park, TX 7520



Boutique Hours of Operation:

10:00AM-6:00PM Monday-Wednesday

10:00AM-7:00PM Thursday-Saturday

12:00PM-5:00PM Sunday


Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier

Temporary Art Gallery Space

50 Highland Park Village

Highland Park, TX 7520


Exhibition Hours:

11:00am-6:00pm  Monday-Sunday




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Style Card: Kersten Rettig

Kersten Rettig, Chief Marketing Officer for Highland Park Village


For our very first Style Card profile, we loved sitting down with Highland Park Village’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kersten Rettig, to learn more about some of her favorite places in Dallas, what she loves most about her job, and travel plans on her calendar for 2013 (*hint: they speak French).

Style & Social: What’s a day in the life like for Kersten Rettig?

Kersten: Long!  Mornings are busy with kids and dogs but I make it into the office between 8:30 and 9 and work like a maniac all day on everything from creating the Highland Park Village Magazine to working with local philanthropies on events to buying media. You might think I could shop during the day but I never do. (I wish!) My day ends with a class at the Bar Method several times a week.  I love to cook so I prepare dinner for my family at least five nights a week. I’m lights out by ten pm sharp.


Style & Social: Where is your favorite place in the world to travel?

Kersten: I love to travel and am always happier when I have reservations booked to go somewhere.  My favorite destination is Europe. I’m spending a week in Paris in June - cannot wait!


Style & Social: If you could live anywhere in the world besides Dallas – where would it be and why?

Kersten: I’ve lived in Plymouth, Mass., Ft. Worth, St. Louis, New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Ft. Lauderdale, Houston and Orange County, California - I don’t plan on relocating again!  I feel most at home in Dallas but I would love to live in Chianti, Italy where I would grow my own vegetables, make artisanal cheese and drink great wine.


Style & Social: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Kersten: Creating.  I love to create – to see my ideas come to life is a lot of fun. I greatly appreciate the creativity and artistry of fashion designers and draw inspiration from their creativity.


Style & Social: What do you love most about Highland Park Village?

Kersten: It is a very special, unique place. It’s just beautiful to look at, for one thing.  And I love that Highland Park Village has been a huge part of people’s lives for 82 years. I’ve heard so many great stories from people who grew up going to the record store and the barber shop and the restaurants here – it’s living history.



Style & Social: What is your go-to fragrance?

Kersten: Jo Malone’s Vanilla and Anise


Style & Social: Your ideal night out in Dallas?

Kersten: It’s actually a night IN.  I love to cook and entertain so my ideal night is preparing a great meal for friends at my house and listening to music. I’m also a big fan of game night (dorky, I know!).  My husband and I enjoy date nights a few times a month at the many great restaurants in Dallas.


Style & Social: Favorite lunch or dinner spot:

Kersten: The Mansion Restaurant is still my favorite dinner spot.  I adore the wait staff there (Hi Zeke and Hugo!) and think Bruno Davaillon is a genius. I eat Mi Cocina for lunch at least once a week – I crave it.


Style & Social: Three things that mean the most to you:

Kersten: My children, my husband and my faith.



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Spring Into Easter at Madison

Spring is in the air at Highland Park Village. And, we are head-over-heels in love with the Easter decorations at Madison.  Looking for ways to spruce up your decor this spring? Check out all of their adorable Easter rabbits.  From classic to a contemporary metallic, you are sure to find a bunny that’s perfect for your entry table or your little one’s Easter basket.  After perusing Madison’s latest treasures, we couldn’t be more excited for spring.  We hope you will celebrate Easter weekend with us here at Highland Park Village.

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The Hair Bar and Lela Rose Event Recap


We hope you didn’t miss The Hair Bar event last Thursday at Lela Rose! We had so much fun learning about new spring beauty tips for both hair and makeup. Guests sipped champagne and enjoyed light bites while perusing new favorite beauty products (the dry shampoo is a must-try) and trying on some of spring’s hottest hues. We’ll definitely be paying a visit to The Hair Bar before our next big soiree!


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Going Green - St. Patrick’s Day Style

From top left: DVF Layla sunglasses,  Les Cannes Hermès scarf, Tory Burch Reva flats,  Phillip Lim 3.1 Drawstring Hobo Shoulder Bag from SCOOP NYC,  Rag & Bone The Basic Brando

To be sure you don’t get pinched this weekend, we’ve pulled together some of our favorite green accessories to incorporate into any stylish outfit- no matter the occassion.  From a chic Hermès scarf, to classic Tory Burch Reva Ballet flats, or a comfy t-shirt from rag & bone, you certainly have your pick when it comes to spring-fresh green pieces and accessories.

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Lela Rose and The Hair Bar

Don’t miss this special event tomorrow at our Lela Rose boutique with The Hair Bar from 11am-5pm! Enjoy spring makeup tips and styling tricks and shop the newest pieces from Lela Rose.  You’re certain to be set for your next spring soiree with a fresh new look and ideas when it comes to makeup and beauty after this fashion refresher.

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