A big thank you to everyone who joined us at our Elements menswear event last Wednesday, October 1st at Highland Park Village.  It was a wonderful evening complete with a DJ, flight simulator booth, mini-golf, giveaways, boutique parties, and more.  A special thanks to our event partners: Sewell, FD Luxe, Jet Linx, and Todd Events. We hope you had as much fun as we did!



DJ at the Elements Menswear Event


Kersten Rettig, Elisa Summers, and Liz Thrash


Models - Kim Dawson


Denny & Connie Carreker

Amita Sing, Jennifer Hudson


Jennifer Franklin, Sabina Robinson, Danielle Meier



Rachel and John Michell

Bret Mckinney, Julian Leaver




Pat Gould, Alison Cone, Haley Schultheis Rachel Michell



Scott Kehn, Chuck Steelman


Shorena Gachechilavze, Ramiero Gonzales


Jennifer Franklin, Tamara Pereira, Sabina Robinson