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Style Card: Tanya Foster

Sukilynn Photography

Tanya Foster 

We’re excited to highlight Tanya Foster on the blog today with this Style Card.  We loved learning a little bit more about her involvement in Dallas and what she’s looking forward to most this year.


S&S: How long have you’ve been in Dallas?

TF: 30 years


S&S: What do you do?

TF: Ha! That’s interesting question because sometimes I feel like a jack of all trades. I am the creator and editor of the lifestyle blog,  I am also a non-profit consultant providing my clients with fundraising and special event consulting services. In my spare time I do a bit of acting (represented by The Campbell Agency) and a lot of volunteering (I am an active member of Crystal Charity Ball and a past ball chairman for the Cattle Baron’s Ball and Junior League of Dallas ball).


S&S: What are some of the charities you’re involved in and why they are important to you?

TF: Crystal Charity Ball - I love raising money for Dallas county children’s charities each year. It’s important to be involved with something that is greater than you and causes you to pause and think about your city. And, I think it is always important to give back. I am always involved with at least one charity. This year, my husband and I are the co-chairs of the Stars & Stripes Film Festival benefiting Sons of the Flag. This is a great new organization started by a Navy Seal that helps burn victims.





S&S: What are your favorite spring 2015 trends?

TF: Gingham, statement stripes and a little hint of the 70’s (think modern culottes).


S&S: What is your favorite aspect of Highland Park Village?

TF: I love that it is in my neighborhood and I can just pop on over when I need to. It’s got everything you need for shopping and dinning. And, you can go to the movies.


S&S: What are your top 3 favorite Highland Park Village boutiques and why?

TF: Ralph Lauren - I can always find something classic for me and buy gifts for the men in my life. Hermès - the perfect place for gifts, scarfs, accessories and more. Chanel - This is the Chanel boutique where I purchase all of my makeup.



S&S: What you are looking forward to most this year?

TF: Growing the blog to incorporate a lot more FUN. I hope that means travel so that I can share my experiences.


S&S: What’s on your spring 2015 wish list?

TF: Still working on it. Check in with me on and I will let you know. 🙂



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Style Card: Trina Turk

Trina Turk

Today, you’ll find an exclusive interview with Trina Turk.  It was wonderful to catch up with the designer and learn more about some of her favorite fall trends, what she’ll be wearing through the holidays, some of the best advice she’s ever received, and more.


S&S: What are your favorite trends for fall? Specifically, for Texas?

TT: My favorite fall trends are strong color and amazing coats. There’s a lot of gorgeous, vibrant color for fall: orchid, blue iris and dill. We are having a good time working with all those colors and our Texas client tends to respond well to color and print!


S&S: What will you be wearing this fall season?

TT: The changing seasons are always fun and bring an automatic tweak to your wardrobe. I like the crispness in the air as holiday approaches, which means I get to wear jackets and coats again. This holiday I’m excited to mix prints, patterns and textures and layer pattern on pattern. I’m also looking forward to wearing plaid!


S&S: What can we expect to see from the Trina Turk holiday collection?

TT: Pops of color and print (of course!), contemporary contrasts, graphic patterns, metallics, painterly florals, and plaid. Plus, this year we’ve introduced a gift giving collection for the first time. Items range from desk diaries and journals to jewelry, coasters and pajama sets to our Kokomo cosmetic bags - all perfect gifts for friends, family or hostesses at Holiday soirees!


S&S: What are your favorite ways to take your attire from day to night?

TT: It’s all about jewelry. You could be wearing a simple dress that is totally work-appropriate, and then if you just change your shoe and pile on a bunch of jewelry, it’s going to work in the evening.


S&S: What’s coming for spring 2015 from Trina Turk?

TT: For Spring 2015, a trip to the downtown Los Angeles Flower Mart inspired a profusion of print! Vibrant buds and tropical takes on foliage bloom with graphic stripes and geometric jacquards. The one-piece will continue to be key in rompers and jumpsuits, and maxi patio dresses. Spring will be all about garden fresh looks.


S&S: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever received?

TT: Don’t take yourself too seriously.


S&S: Who are your own personal style inspirations?

TT: My style icons are Iris Apfel, Millicent Rogers, Audrey Hepburn, Mary Tyler Moore in the 70’s, Jackie O, Diana Vreeland, and Peggy Moffatt.

S&S: Where are your favorite places in the world to travel?

TT: Somewhere I haven’t been before!


S&S: What are you currently reading? What’s on your bedside table?

TT: Dwell, Elle Decor, Vogue and Bazaar.


We hope you’ll stop by Trina’s Highland Park Village boutique to shop some of her top picks in person!

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Style Card: Kevin Moriarty - Artistic Director for the Dallas Theater Center

kevin moriarty

Kevin Moriarty

Today, we’re sharing a style profile with Kevin Moriarty, Artistic Director for the Dallas Theater Center.  Moriarty dished on style, his career, and some of his favorite Dallas spots.

S&S:  What has your lifelong relationship like been with theater?

KM: When I was 8 years old I saw my first play (a touring production of The Sound of Music starring Shirley Jones); I instantly fell in love with the theater. I loved that lonely, sad children became happy through singing and dancing, that good triumphed over evil when the family escaped from the Nazi’s, and that the young nun and the handsome captain fell in love. As I grew older I saw plays that introduced me to characters, stories and ideas that resonated with me deeply but which I had not yet experienced in my own life, including issues of justice, faith, life and death and sexuality. As an adult, theater has become for me a place where people come together to share stories, connect to each other, and discuss how we can grow and change as individuals and as a community.

Dallas Theater Center 1


Dallas Theater Center production - The Tempest


S&S: Do you have any favorite plays?

KM: Anything written by Shakespeare! The Tempest is my most favorite. Also all Rodgers and Hammerstein musicals!


S&S: What is your dream job?

KM: I have it! Being an artistic director of a major regional theater in a growing, thriving city.


S&S: What was the transition like moving from NYC to Dallas? How did you alter your wardrobe?

KM: I was very apprehensive about moving to Dallas – would I be accepted? Would I like it? And, then I instantly was welcomed into the community and made deep and lasting friendships. Also, I hate cold weather and snow, which I’ve had to endure my entire life before moving to Dallas (I lived in Minnesota, Wisconsin, New York and Rhode Island), so even when it’s 100 degrees in Dallas I’m happy. And I love how friendly people are here and how much pride there is in the community and how much energy there is around growth and change. Also, the Arts District is fabulous.

As for my wardrobe: Dallas is definitely a more stylish, dressed up city than many. I wear a jacket and tie most days – but I also have an awesome collection of sneakers (in almost every color you can think of). I can get away with going to relatively formal events with jeans and sneakers because I’m “artistic.” Whew!


S&S: What are your favorite sneakers you own? Top five?

KM: It changes all the time. Though I wear mostly Nike’s, my most favorite pair is a Converse shoe that has images of Superman printed on it (he’s my favorite superhero), though there aren’t many places I can wear those shoes without being embarrassed, so most people haven’t seen them.


S&S: What are three things you couldn’t live without?

KM: Coffee, running, comic books.

Dallas Theater Center 2


Dallas Theater Center production - A Midsummer Night’s Dream.


S&S:  How would you describe your personal style?

KM: Consistent and energetic.


S&S: What do you like about Highland Park Village?

KM: The good taste, creativity and fresh style of the stores. Also, the Village Theatre is awesome.


S&S: What are 3 must-visit and dining spots in Dallas?

KM: The Dallas Arts District, Stampede 66, Klyde Warren Park.


S&S:  What is your favorite thing about your job?

KM: I get to meet so many varied people throughout the community: students, artists, donors, audience members and civic leaders. I’m constantly inspired by my peers, friends and community.

Dallas Theater Center 3


Dallas Theater Center production -  Henry IV

S&S: Any travel plans this summer?

KM: I’m running a marathon in San Francisco, visiting family throughout the Midwest, and making a pilgrimage to the Baseball Hall of Fame.


S&S: Favorite movies?

KM: Pinocchio


S&S:  Your favorite meal:

KM: Anything Stephan Pyles makes!


S&S: Beverage of choice:

KM: Black coffee all day. Red wine at night!


Learn more about the Dallas Theater Center here.

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Style Card: La Fiesta’s Foree Hunsicker

la fiesta

Lori Bannon, current La Fiesta Chair, Foree Hunsicker, designer, and former La FiestaChairs and Presidents Rebecca Beasley and Judy Sillers.

Today, we’re sharing an interview with Foree Hunsicker on the blog. La Fiesta gowns will be displayed this year at Highland Park Village the week of June 16th at Bistro 31, Carolina Herrera, Cole Haan, Escada, Peepers, Q Custom Clothier, and Robert Talbott. 


SS: How did La Fiesta originate?

FH: La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas, “The Park Cities Festival Meeting Community Needs,” was founded in 1986 provide for educational, charitable, and civic needs by receiving, investing and disbursing funds to carry out the preservation and/or development of cultural and historic attributes of the Town of Highland Park and the City of University Park and to promote neighborhood spirit by observing special events designed to celebrate traditions, bring citizens together, and honor young people. In these ways we recognize the unique heritage of the community.


SS: Where was the first La Fiesta held?

FH: The first La Fiesta was held in Highland Park Village and set a perfect example for giving back to the community. Six duchesses representing families of Highland Park and University Park were presented in historically accurate costumes representing the six flags of Texas.


SS: What was your first profession?

FH: I started my own business in the late 1980’s, which involved customizing silver luggage tags. I would select old pieces of silver from the 1800’s and have them reproduced with individuals names engraved.

la fiesta 1

photo: Cameron Diaz wearing Foree Hunsicker jewelry on Seventeen magazine, July 1990.


SS: Has your work been featured in a magazine publication?

FH: Seventeen featured my American earrings and shawl on Cameron Diaz in their July 1900 issue.


SS:Can you elaborate more on the necklace you created for Laura Bush?

FH: I was asked to create a necklace for Laura Bush when she was living in the White House. This is where I first developed the inspiration to create a necklace that represented Texas. I honestly came up with the idea instantly to include the six flags of Texas and the Alamo. The necklace took me about three weeks to create. Along with a few other gifts, the necklace was taken to Washington DC to be given to Laura at an event. Unfortunately, all the items (including the necklace) were stolen from the event before Laura was able to receive them. I was devastated when I heard.


SS: How were you introduced to La Fiesta?

FH: Around 25 years ago I was introduced to La Fiesta through a close friend that lived on my street. She asked if I wanted to attend an upcoming event at her house. This event was one of the first La Fiesta luncheons. After attending the luncheon, La Fiesta asked me if I would create a custom made necklace for their event that would signify Texas.


SS: Can you describe the necklaces you have created for La Fiesta in the past years?

FH: Each year I have been asked to create a custom necklace for La Fiesta. I have made necklaces for La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas for the last 25 years. The necklace has always featured the six flags of Texas along with the Alamo in the center.  The six flags include Spain, France, Mexico, Republic of Texas, United States of America and the Confederate States of America.

The material that I create the necklace from varies each year, but the theme is always the same. I use silver chains and custom beading. This year, I was asked to create two necklaces. I normally use a standard 27 inch chain.


SS: What happens to the necklace(s) each year?

FH: The necklace(s) are given to the chair(s) of La Fiesta to keep as a gift for all their hard work throughout the year.


SS: What makes La Fiesta unique that you want to be a part of it each year?

FH: I love being a part of such a prestigious organization. I truly look forward to working with the organization and individuals each year.


SS: When is the La Fiesta Gala this year?

FH: The La Fiesta de las Seis Banderas Gala will be held on Saturday, June 14th at the Hilton Anatole here in Dallas. The theme this year is America the Beautiful, which will honor the 2014 Duchesses and Escorts. Normally around 600 people attend the event each year.



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Highland Park Village - A Night of Celebration

1. Carolina Herrera Finale

It was an evening to remember on October 2nd when Highland Park Village hosted a 2 day fall event with Town & Country commemorating the release of the Highland Park Village fall magazine while supporting TACA. On October 2nd, for Montage: A Celebration of Art and Fashion, Highland Park Village held a fall fashion show produced by local extraordinaire Jan Strimple in the Highland Park Village Theater with performances by the Dallas Youth Repertory Project. The dancers performed with some of our favorite luxury items - including Jimmy Choos and Proenza Schouler bags! Guests including Helen Martin Ippolito, Laree Hulshoff, Barbara Daseke, Teffy Jacobs, Doris Jacobs, Ramona Jones, Nancy Rogers, and Billie Leigh Rippey enjoyed memorable looks in the fashion show from Lela Rose, Carolina Herrera, Ralph Lauren, SCOOP NYC, and Hadleigh’s. Heather and Ray Washburne and Elisa and Stephen Summers hosted a post-event cocktail reception in Highland Park Village’s Mockingbird Room with cocktails and appetizers from the Village Kitchen. It was a memorable evening of celebration and style.

2. Caroline Herrera

Carolina Herrera

3. Dallas Youth Repertory Project - performance with Five and Ten

4. Dallas Youth Repertory Project - Jimmy Choo performance

5. Dallas Youth Repertory Project - Performance with Jimmy Choo Shoes

6. a Finale

6. Ellie and Cassie McFarland

7. Dallas Youth Repertory Project Dancers

8. Helen Martin Ippolito

Helen Martin Ippolito

9. Jennifer and Coley Clark, Becky Young

Jennifer and Coley Clark and Becky Young

10. Jan Strimple

Jan Strimple

11. Laree Hulshoff and Barbara Daseke

Laree Hulshoff and Barbara Daseke

12. Lela Rose

Lela Rose fashion show

13. Lynn Mcbee, Stephen Summers, Elisa Summers

Lynn Mcbee with Elisa and Stephen Summers

14.Ralph Lauren - women & men

Ralph Lauren fashion show

15. Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren fashion show

15. a Scoop NYC - men

Scoop NYC

16. aScoopy NYC - Women

Scoop NYC

16. Ramona Jones and Billie Leigh Rippey

Ramona Jones and Billie Leigh Rippey

17. Ray and Heather Washburne and Elisa and Stephen Summers

Heather and Ray Washburne and Elisa and Stephen Summmers

19. Teffy Jacobs and Doris Jacobs

Teffy Jacobs and Doris Jacobs

18. Tara Lewis, Becky Young, Jennifer Heiss, Jessica Norwood

Tara Lewis, Becky Young, Jennifer Heiss, and Jessica Norwood

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Style Card: Erin Benson at Stella McCartney


Stella McCartney


Today, we’re sharing our Style Card with Erin Benson at Stella McCartney!

S&S: Please describe your background:

Erin: I grew up in Plano (Plano Senior High, before there was a West!), Texas Tech for Fashion Design, and stints at Louis Vuitton and Prada. I just moved back home from Chicago..burrrrr.


S&S: What is your favorite cocktail? Do you have a favorite patio to sip it?

Erin: Red wine with good company or a skinny rita at Mr. Mesero


S&S: What is your favorite thing to do in Dallas on your day off?

Erin: I am old school. I know everyone is into the Katy Trail, but I love a long White Rock Run, a mani/pedi follows of course!

Stella McCartney 9


Stella McCartney 8

Stella McCartney 7
S&S: What are the top three trends you’re loving right now?

Erin: Plaid/Tartan

  1. Hearts-We have a fabulous cross body bag
  2. Track pants/Bomber jackets
  3. Menswear flats


S&S: What is one must-have in the store right now?

Erin: Look 25 from Winter 2013-The Tartan print is everything to me!


S&S: If you could pack a bag and go anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

Erin: Santa Monica, CA

The weather, the shopping, my brother lives on the West Side…and Abbott Kinney is near by for a great cup of Intelligentsia coffee and a stroll.

Stella McCartney 6

Stella McCartney 2


S&S: What is your tried and true accessory?

Erin: Diamond stud earrings


S&S: What are your must-read blogs and/or magazines?

Erin: Elle, W, Marie Claire, and the My guilty pleasure is US Weekly.


S&S: What would we find if we peeked inside your purse?

Erin: Sunnies, altoids, NARS “Fast Ride” lipstick, Stella McCartney roll on fragrance-also typically almonds and a Teas’ Tea green tea from Whole Foods.


S&S: What excites you most about fall?

Erin: Jackets!


S&S: What is something most people don’t know about you?

Erin: I have run 9 marathons. Malibu is #10 this fall


S&S: What is your favorite restaurant to meet up with girlfriends for dinner?

Erin: Mr. Mesero or anywhere with a patio. Marquee Grill at HPVillage is good too!

Stella McCartney 3


Stella McCartney 4


S&S: What are a few of your favorite pieces from the fall collection and how would you style them?

Erin: The Velez lace paneled pant, Estelle blouse, and any of the blazers. I believe in pieces that you can wear and style from day to evening


S&S: What do you like most about Highland Park Village?

Erin: The neighborhood atmosphere, the talent level here, and the luxe!


S&S: Describe your style in 5 words.

Erin: Track star with a rebel yell (ok..6 words!)


S&S: What is your signature fragrance?

Erin: Stella


S&S: Who do you get style inspiration from?

Erin: My mother. I also admire a combination of Kate Moss and Miranda Kerr. I mix a lot of their looks.


S&S: What’s your go-to outfit for a long brunch?

Erin: There is always a strong jacket/blazer involved. I am not really a heels girl (I hear the sighs)….but I can really empower a look with a strong ankle boot!


S&S: What is one thing you wish you knew how to do?

Erin: Speak Spanish! I took French lessons instead.



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Style Card: Brad at Avant Garden

1. avant garden dallas

Today, we’re thrilled to share a Style Card profile with Brad from Avant Garden in Highland Park Village!  It was exciting to catch up with this standout creative.  We are so lucky to have him here at Highland Park Village!

S&S: What is your favorite cocktail? Do you have a favorite patio to enjoy it?

Brad: A daiquiri, straight up with Clement Rum by the pool.


S&S: What is your favorite thing to do in Dallas on your day off?

Brad: Reading by the pool if the weather is good, or taking in an exhibit at one of our great museums if the weather is not cooperating.


S&S: What is one flower that can turn your day around a put a smile on your face?

Brad: I grew up in east Texas where roses are a big deal. Garden roses are still my favorite.


S&S: If you could pack a bag and go anywhere right now, where would it be and why?

Brad: Port Clyde, Maine.  I’m very content there.


S&S: What do you never leave home without?

Brad: My shoulder bag.  It has everything I need.


S&S: What does summer mean to you?

Brad: Kicking back, and hopefully taking a little time off.


2. avant garden highland park village


3. avant garden floral



S&S: What is your favorite place to do brunch and what do you order?

Brad: I like to try new places, so it’s usually something different every week.


S&S: What do you like most about Highland Park Village?

Brad: Avant Garden, of course!


S&S: What is your favorite event to style flowers for?

Brad: Dinner parties are fun.


S&S: Describe your style in 3 words.

Brad: Clean, simple and classic.


4. avant garden floral bouquet

5. succulents


S&S: It’s a Friday night in Dallas: where do you go and what do you do?

Brad: Friday nights are usually pretty low key, since I work most Saturdays.


S&S: What is your signature scent?

Brad: Acqua di Parma.


6. succulent centerpiece

7. peony bouquet white

9. flower shop avant garden dallas texas


S&S: Where do you go/look to for style inspiration?

Brad: Our customers.  We have the most stylish clientele imaginable.


S&S: What do you love most about living in Dallas?

Brad: The people here have a can-do attitude, and it’s also a very easy place to live and work.

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Style Card: Laura Ginsburg of Lela Rose

lela rose 1

Laura Ginsburg, Lela Rose manager

We were so thrilled to catch up with Laura Ginsburg this week on Style & Social for our Style Card feature! Laura is the stylish manager of Lela Rose (+ a bride-to-be) and we couldn’t be more excited for her to share some of her favorite things about Dallas, current must-haves at Lela Rose, and what she’s wearing this summer.


Style & Social: What is your absolute favorite thing about living in Dallas?

Laura: In one word…everything! After being gone for almost ten years and returning home I have such a long list of reasons why I love our beautiful city. But my absolute favorite things about Dallas are: the people; being home with my family has been such a gift and the citizens of our city in general are just the best people you will find out there! I absolutely adore the sense of community that we all share.


Style & Social: What do you love most about the Lela Rose style aesthetic?

Laura: First of all there isn’t a thing I dislike about the Lela Rose look which should be no surprise to our customers and my friends. I love that I always feel confident in her clothing due to the perfect balance of femininity and thoughtful details. It is also amazing to me the amount of attention and compliments I receive on the clothing from men.

My fiancé in particular loves my Lela pieces starting with an African Violet dress I wore on our first date. I find that her clothing isn’t too fussy and easy to wear. I have also become a big quality snob due to the construction and finish of Lela’s clothing, which is made on American soil! Additionally, I love that Lela is so inspired by art. I was an art history major in college and have always viewed Lela as a fabulous artist in her own right. Her clothing tells so many stories and the collection is always broad enough to find an outfit for any occasion.


Style & Social: What are some of your favorite pieces from Lela Rose for spring and summer?

Laura: The Spring 2013 collection is full of color, bright and happy. So picking favorites is a difficult task. I think that everyone needs several pairs of our Skinny Everyday Pants. They are so comfortable that I have pretty much tossed jeans out of my wardrobe.

We have a ton of great shapes for the season, but one of my favorites in a Navy/Ivory Rose Drawn Jacquard Sheath Dress. Although it is curve hugging it is also the perfect dress to put on after indulging a bit too much at Mi Cocina. I swear I feel sizes smaller in it!



lela rose 2


Style & Social: What are you looking forward to wearing this summer?

Laura: Our Zip Front Dresses in our Abstract Landscape Print which is full of color and the same dress in our Pebble Stretch Cotton. They are easy pieces to pack for trips and as they are made out of beautiful cotton. They are extremely effortless to put on and have so much style and personality!


Style & Social: Any special travel plans you’d like to share?

Laura: Well, I am currently writing from gorgeous Santa Fe. But I am most looking forward to my upcoming Honeymoon in Argentina. I am not great at the sit still beach vacation, so I was thrilled that my fiancé also wanted to have an active trip. We will be visiting the wine region (hopefully getting some tips from our friends at Molto Formaggio), seeing glaciers and covering as much territory as possible over our 15 days there.


Style & Social: What are your favorite brunch spots in Dallas?  Places for cocktails?

Laura: Brunching was a sport for me when I lived in Washington, DC. I have yet to master brunching in Dallas. I often find Breadwinner’s to be very rewarding and love a great brunch at Nick and Sams. As for cocktails…we love our Mambo Taxi’s at the Monkey Bar (upstairs bar at Mi Cocina). I also enjoy being able to crawl upstairs after a long day to enjoy a cocktail at 31. My other go to place for cocktails is the Mansion Bar. It has long been one of my favorites as I love the masculine interior, creative cocktails and the music.


Style & Social: What are you looking forward to most in 2013?

Laura: I would definitely say that I am looking forward to being a wife and to continue growing as an individual. I have some great projects coming up this year so I am excited to see where it all takes me.


Style & Social: What are your favorite books, magazines, and blogs?

Laura: I tend to snuggle up with one of the classics opposed to the New York Times Best Seller’s List or Oprah’s selections. Hemingway in particular always does the trick for me. I am learning to catch up on social media and the blogosphere.  Nonsense & Sensibility is a great blog. I have also enjoyed the work done by Dallas girls like Krystal Schlegel and Bradley Agather!


lela rose 3 lela rose 4


Style & Social: Who are your own style inspirations?

Laura: I certainly appreciate a classic and very feminine aesthetic and die over a great dress which is why my closet is full of them. I would obviously be remiss if I didn’t name the wonderful Lela Rose as a personal style icon as I have a whole section of my closet (about 50% of it) dedicated just to Lela’s clothing — y’all should come take a picture some day.

However, I really don’t attempt to emulate anyone in particular as fashion has always been a statement of individuality for me. I would say for the most part I know what I like instantly and dictate what I wear based on what I am attracted to versus what is the hottest trend.


Style & Social: What’s your favorite scent or fragrance?

Laura: I have worn Creed Spring Flower for as long as I can remember.


Style & Social: What’s your favorite type of floral arrangement?

Laura: Mixing and matching textures is always important to me. Succulents have been rather popular lately and I love them as they are low maintenance and can add a lot of personality to a room. I also adore blooming branches mixed with fluffy flowers like hydrangeas.


Style & Social: Congratulations on your upcoming wedding! What have you enjoyed most about wedding planning?

Laura: Like all girls, my dress was a very special moment. My wonderful stepmom and maid of honor went with me to Lela’s studio to work on my dress. When we found the dress it was a moment for everyone! Goosebumps and all. But beyond the dress it has been fun to have an abundance of family time as we plan everything out. The groom and my father have been particularly involved which I know isn’t typical but I have enjoyed their thoughtful inclusions.



lela rose 5


Shop more from Lela Rose here.

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Style Card: Kersten Rettig

Kersten Rettig, Chief Marketing Officer for Highland Park Village


For our very first Style Card profile, we loved sitting down with Highland Park Village’s Chief Marketing Officer, Kersten Rettig, to learn more about some of her favorite places in Dallas, what she loves most about her job, and travel plans on her calendar for 2013 (*hint: they speak French).

Style & Social: What’s a day in the life like for Kersten Rettig?

Kersten: Long!  Mornings are busy with kids and dogs but I make it into the office between 8:30 and 9 and work like a maniac all day on everything from creating the Highland Park Village Magazine to working with local philanthropies on events to buying media. You might think I could shop during the day but I never do. (I wish!) My day ends with a class at the Bar Method several times a week.  I love to cook so I prepare dinner for my family at least five nights a week. I’m lights out by ten pm sharp.


Style & Social: Where is your favorite place in the world to travel?

Kersten: I love to travel and am always happier when I have reservations booked to go somewhere.  My favorite destination is Europe. I’m spending a week in Paris in June - cannot wait!


Style & Social: If you could live anywhere in the world besides Dallas – where would it be and why?

Kersten: I’ve lived in Plymouth, Mass., Ft. Worth, St. Louis, New York (Manhattan and Brooklyn), Ft. Lauderdale, Houston and Orange County, California - I don’t plan on relocating again!  I feel most at home in Dallas but I would love to live in Chianti, Italy where I would grow my own vegetables, make artisanal cheese and drink great wine.


Style & Social: What has been the most rewarding aspect of your job?

Kersten: Creating.  I love to create – to see my ideas come to life is a lot of fun. I greatly appreciate the creativity and artistry of fashion designers and draw inspiration from their creativity.


Style & Social: What do you love most about Highland Park Village?

Kersten: It is a very special, unique place. It’s just beautiful to look at, for one thing.  And I love that Highland Park Village has been a huge part of people’s lives for 82 years. I’ve heard so many great stories from people who grew up going to the record store and the barber shop and the restaurants here – it’s living history.



Style & Social: What is your go-to fragrance?

Kersten: Jo Malone’s Vanilla and Anise


Style & Social: Your ideal night out in Dallas?

Kersten: It’s actually a night IN.  I love to cook and entertain so my ideal night is preparing a great meal for friends at my house and listening to music. I’m also a big fan of game night (dorky, I know!).  My husband and I enjoy date nights a few times a month at the many great restaurants in Dallas.


Style & Social: Favorite lunch or dinner spot:

Kersten: The Mansion Restaurant is still my favorite dinner spot.  I adore the wait staff there (Hi Zeke and Hugo!) and think Bruno Davaillon is a genius. I eat Mi Cocina for lunch at least once a week – I crave it.


Style & Social: Three things that mean the most to you:

Kersten: My children, my husband and my faith.



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It’s A Bright Spring With Ann Ross of Leggiadro

Chair print - Leggiadro

It was a true pleasure to catch up with Leggiadro designer Ann Ross on her recent visit to her Highland Park Village boutique!  Here’s the scoop on spring with Leggiadro.  The company is known for their beautiful array of custom and colorful prints!
S&S:    How did you come to own your own store? How many stores do you have total?
Ann Ross:

a. It was a lifelong dream since I was a child to own my own store. I always aspired to be a designer. Right now we have a total of 13 locations. I wanted to create a line that has a purpose. Clothes that have longevity. I love 15-20 year old pieces that you can put something new with and make a new outfit. I am all about timeless pieces in your wardrobe.
b.      My design is classic with a little kick. Something that is interesting for the customer that doesn’t really need anything. I like to create pieces of clothing that will fit in multiple people’s lifestyle.
c.       Your clothing must be comfortable. So many women travel and want to be comfortable while sitting on planes. The clothing items need to travel well. Items you can simply dress up and down.
d.      The most important thing I believe I do is listen to what customers want. What they like and don’t like. You can learn so much by just simply listening.


Brown Zebra - Leggiadro

S&S:       What is your most prized possession?

Ann Ross: Daisy my mini Labradoodle. She is a cinnamon/pumpkin color.  Wherever I go she goes with me. She even flies with me when I travel. I am stopped constantly by people asking what breed she is and where I got her. I recommend her fabulous breeder to everyone! Daisy is constantly with me either at home, at the office, or in our stores.

Leggiadro - Houndstooth

S&S:  What do you learn from your customers?
Ann Ross:    I love to listen to my customers! One customer explained to me how she really loves sequins and how we had incorporated that into a few past clothing items. This year, I have three different types of sequin sweaters. I even designed a print t-shirt with sequins. I believe these are items that people can quickly pair with pants and a scarf. One of my favorite pieces we had was a gorgeous cashmere blazer. Absolutely loved it!

S&S:     Who is your favorite designer? Or what is your favorite inspiration?
Ann Ross:  I definitely admire Bill Blass. He was an incredible American designer. He just understood what the American women wanted in clothing items. I also love Prada, Lanvin and of course -  Chanel.

Leggiadro- Classic Animal

S&S: Do you have a favorite artist? We know you love to display certain pieces of artwork in you stores.
Ann Ross:   I really like Bob Kane. I am a very big collector of his. I have multiple pieces from him throughout most of my stores and in my own home. I enjoy his use of colors and unique style. Most of his pieces are from scenes south of France. Locations from Capri and Venice are in a lot of his artwork.
S&S:   Do you have a favorite time period of fashion?

Ann Ross: 60’s and 70’s.

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