Clockwise from top left: Trina Turk Sea Cove Tunic, Trina Turk Malibu Barbie Towel, Sea Cove Bikini, Trina Turk Beach Candle, Paradisea Sandal, Camino Sunglasses

There’s nothing that says summer at the beach quite like Trina Turk!  When it comes to a stylish poolside look, you can’t go wrong with the selections in our Highland Park Village Trina Turk boutique.  From glamorous sandals, to bright and exotic tunics, top off your look with a Malibu Barbie Beach Towel and oversize Camino sunglasses.  The Sea Cove bikini is one of our favorite prints for summer. And, if you can’t make it to the pool today, we always recommend a taste of the beach by burning the Trina Turk beach candle indoors.  Now THAT’S an experience! Shop Trina Turk here.