anne fontaine

We’re inspired by fall 2013 from Anne Fontaine.  For this new collection, Anne Fontaine drew inspiration from the modern Parisian - an androgynous and sexy woman, who loves contrasts and ambiguity.  She is elegant, simple, modern, curious, and passionate.  She is a woman who knows what she wants.  The collection graciously combines femininity and masculinity - it’s a marriage of subtle sensuality and straighter cuts.  We hope you enjoy the mix of light fabrics like silk, organza, embroidery, reinterpreted lace, transparent chiffon, and minimal forms (sometimes heavy, oversize, and more enveloping - thicker fabrics like leather).

The black and white in the collection perfectly illustrates this search for contrast.  It’s punctuated with flashes of electric blue and orange.  Shop the new styles of tuxedo trousers, large men’s overcoats or suit jackets, and ultrafeminine pieces like mid-length and maxi dresses, tunics, and light, flounced, pleated, soufflé, embroidered skirts, and lace and transparency.


anne fontaine 3