palm tree 1

Local Dallas photographer, Steve Wrubel’s, new “29 Palms” series  is on sale and on display at Number One now. Wrubel grew up in California and traveled around the world to places he calls ‘palm tree meccas.’ This is where his obsession with the beautiful trees began. Each photograph depicts palm trees from a different point of view.

palm tree 2

From Wrubel….

“I was lucky to have grown up around palm trees…


The first three years of my life I lived on the Ivory Coast of Africa, and I imagine that I used to gaze up from my crib at the palms with the same sense of wonder and joy that I do now.


Something about palm trees makes me happy, and I am drawn to places where they make themselves at home.


My father grew up in 29 Palms, a magical place in the Mojave Desert in California.  We used to go visit Grandma Wanda and Grandpa Allie out in the sand and rocks of Southern California. My brother and I would chase lizards, rattlesnakes and roadrunners and then fall asleep in the shade of a tall Date Palm Tree.


Life seems to always take me to ‘palm tree meccas’ like Santa Monica and Palm Springs, Hawaii, Mexico, and even coastal Mombassa in Kenya.  Have you ever noticed the Spanish Steps in Rome? . . . teaming with ancient palms.  And, when I am in these places, I cannot seem to keep my cameras off of the big, beautiful trees that sway in the breeze of the sweet salty sea air.


I think everyone loves a palm tree…  exotic yet fanciful… graceful and sturdy… the super models of the tree world.